How Seneca’s lifestyle Helps your FOMO

The stoic philosopher Seneca can teach you how to treat your fear of missing out. It is all about stoicism.

Julien Dimastromatteo, PhD


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Seneca, a Roman philosopher, and statesman who lived in the first century AD, was a practitioner of Stoicism, a philosophical school of thought that emphasizes the importance of living a virtuous life and maintaining emotional equanimity.

Seneca’s Lifestyle can Help your FOMO to Disappear

Cultivating Indifference

One aspect of Stoicism that could be helpful in dealing with the fear of missing out (FOMO) caused by TikTok is the concept of “indifference.”

Social media is often a highly curated and filtered version of reality

According to Stoicism, we should strive to cultivate an attitude of indifference towards external events and circumstances that we cannot control and instead focus on cultivating virtues such as wisdom, justice, and self-control.

In the context of FOMO on TikTok, this could mean reframing our perspective and reminding ourselves that the activities or events others participate in are not necessarily more important or valuable than what we are doing.

It’s essential to recognize that what we see on social media is often a highly curated and filtered version of reality, and it’s okay to be content with our own choices and experiences.

Practicing Negative visualization

Another Stoic practice that could help deal with FOMO is the concept of “negative visualization,” or imagining the worst-case scenario. By considering the potential negative outcomes of participating in certain activities or events, we can gain a greater appreciation for what we have and be more content with what we have.

We can gain a greater appreciation for what we have

It’s natural to feel a sense of FOMO from time to time, Stoicism can offer a helpful perspective and practices for managing these feelings and cultivating a sense of contentment with what we have.



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