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Researchers are paying attention to cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis component with multiple health benefits.

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Yesterday, I did a simple search with the keywords “cannabidiol” and “CBD” on Pubmed. The search engine found 2,345 results. In other words, two thousand three hundred and five publications focused on CBD. If you look up “cannabis,” the results topped at 25,470 publications.

It all started in 1972 with the first publication on CBD. Drs Jones and Pertwee described the effect of CBD pretreatment on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) uptake by the brain. The topic was quite new and did not bring much attention.

Until recently, scientists published an average of five studies each year. But it was in 2003 that…

Hot Scientific Research

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many components found in Cannabis plants. CBD health benefits are undervalued.

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Marijuana, Ganja, Mota, Dagga, or Kif, are different names given to the same plant, cannabis. It depends on if you are from South America, North Africa, or Asia. Inhaled by smoking and digested after eating “space cakes,” the ways to consume recreational cannabis are multiple. But there is more to it.

Tetrahydrocannabinol makes you high.

You certainly heard about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That’s the psychoactive component of cannabis that gives you a “high.” THC is a major product of Marijuana. On the lower end, cannabis strains contain about 8% dry weight of THC. On the higher end, the most potent strains reach just over 30%…


Social media exacerbate your anxiety. It could benefit the economy.

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Your anxiety has worsened lately; you are not alone. Covid-19 pandemic made our future an uncertain territory. Your social media app reminds it off every minute of every day.

You can’t make projects because you don’t know whether it is possible to make them happen. The new rules made to protect our society from coronavirus keep changing, making it hard to project ourselves further than tomorrow. We act daily in “carpe diem” style. This behavior could influence the economy.

More Money Less Problem.

I listened to a fantastic Radio Lab podcast episode. It blew my mind. I loved when storytellers explained complex theories with…


Deep down, the uncertainty is taking over my self-confidence

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I know your role, Santa, is to give us hope and happiness, or at least, something to look forward to. Thank you for that. But 2020 has been an unusual year. My 2020 Christmas trip during the pandemic is on hold.

The coronavirus pandemic changed every single aspect of our lives. The uncertainty of the future continues to affect our anxiety and worrisome; even so, we are getting close to the magic date. No much you can do about it, I think.

But thanks to science, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The coronavirus vaccines are in…

Point of care COVID-19 rapid testing is part of the solution to reopen businesses and keep the economy going during the pandemic.

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In March 2020, the world was shutting down. The new coronavirus was spreading faster than we could handle. Governments needed to buy time to prepare. But fast spread took the world off guard. The quarantine was established. All activities had to stop for an undefined period of time. Businesses had to reorganize their strategies to limit financial loss. COVID-19 rapid testing will help.

Small Business Protection Program

Luckily, the US administration launched the paycheck protection program (PPP) to help businesses navigate such a situation. The deal was clear. The employers had to keep their employees on the payroll for several months or had to…


The latest Tim Cook’s operating system is a game-changer.

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If you are an Apple aficionado like I am, there always been a specific feature that I missed from day one after I transitioned from Android to iOS.

It has to do with homescreen customization. Until now, Apple’s operating systems have been particularly locked in regard to customization.

Since the beginning, Apple oriented us to the use of its own proprietary design, restricting at the same time the user’s liberty to perform actions it’s own way.

As iOS versions advanced in privacy and sophistication, Apple is giving back more and more freedom and flexibility to its users.

iPhone users can…

Mental Health Awareness

It’s all part of my selective ignorance strategy.

Young lady with hands on her ears to ignore smartphone notifications.
Photo Montage: Julien Dimastromatteo (Author); Left Inset: Oleg Magni; Right Inset: Cristian Dina, on Pexels.

I’m not surprised anymore. I know social media apps like TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook are seeking my attention. These apps are using many techniques to keep us connected all day long. Facebook or TikTok addiction is real.

While writing, most of us leave our smartphone beside the coffee cup and experienced the sudden notification. Such an important event that it totally justified the distraction, didn’t it?

Another example is when you wanted to look at the clock on the home screen. You ended up clicking on this notification about a new follower on your fully dedicated TikTok platform.

Well, these…

Mental Health Awareness

Are you addicted to Facebook? Or simply highly engaged to it. Take this test and find out.

Facebook logo on the left panel and pills on a table on the right panel referring to Facebook addiction.
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When Facebook first made an appearance, its main and only focus was to connect people. Mark Zuckerberg and friends created a virtual yearbook. Today, the Facebook app reaches a phenomenal number of 2.7 billion monthly active users.

Think about it, starting at a campus-scale to reach such a gigantic number of users, Facebook must be more than just an appealing social networking app. Amongst these 2.7 billion active users, you'll find a wide range of individuals with various centers of interest. You have the 13 years old teenagers — hopefully not younger — who play online video games with their…

We should be in control of our own decisions—nobody else.

Three teenagers looking at their smartphones. Social Media have their undivided attention.
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When the technology era began, society experienced important changes. Tools like social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, … managed to gather people worldwide. They created promising and unprecedented opportunities. We reconnected with old friends from kindergarten. Others reunited lost family members or found organs donors for their loved ones. These revolutionary tools enabled many wonderful and meaningful societal things. No one would have ever imagined social media are manipulating your free will.

Behavior of Addiction

The number of smartphone users keeps increasing and will surpass 3 billion by the end of 2020. Such devices are omnipresent in our lives — it’s…

Mental Health Awareness

The misuse of social media apps like TikTok during teenagehood impacts brain development. It is worrisome.

Hypnotic power of TikTok and other social media app on teenagers
Montage Credit: Julien Dimastromatteo (Author)

Depriving teenagers of one of their favorite pass times, including social media apps like TikTok could potentially harm mental health in the short term, but it will certainly be a good thing in the long run, especially for upcoming generations.

TikTok, a Video-Sharing App

In 2016, the company ByteDance released Douyin, a lip-syncing app. It was dedicated to the Chinese market only. Facing unexpected success with several million downloads, ByteDance decided to expand Douyin at the international under the name of TikTok. The success was again instantaneous and tremendous.

Millions of teenagers started filming themselves dancing and singing on well-known artists’ songs. So much…

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